Homeless Prevention Council


Ten years ago, thanks to a $500 grant from the Nauset (Orleans) Rotary Club and a $500 donation from a private donor (as well as great sale prices at L.L. Bean!) HPC's Back Pack Program was up and running.

With assistance from generous donors, backpacks are filled with school supplies to give local children in our communities a head start on a successful school year. Some of the Basic Supplies they need include

  • White lined paper                              
  • Pencils                                  
  • Pen
  • Calculator
  • Ruler
  • Protractor
  • Highlighters

Extras Needed:

  • Dictionary
  • Thesaurus
  • Three-hole punch
  • Plastic pouch for pens and pencils

And Something Special:

  • A gift certificate to the Mall or a store for a back-to-school outfit

Download the complete list here.

Can’t shop for supplies? A cash donation is gladly accepted and we’ll shop on your behalf!

Thank you,

Maureen Linehan

Backpack-to-School Coordinator



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