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Jèn & Sipò pou Jèn Adilt

Program Overview

K ap travay an patenarya ak Barnstable County, HPC bay jesyon ka pou jèn ak jèn adilt ki poko gen 25 an ki abite poukont yo epi ki ap lite pou jwenn oswa kenbe lojman. Si w se yon jèn adilt ki bezwen sipò, tanpri rele oswa voye tèks Mary pou Manadjè Ka Jèn ak Jèn Adilt nou an nan 774-801-9502.


Pwogram nan konsantre sou jèn adilt ki gen risk pou yo sanzabri—ki gen ladan jèn k ap navige sou kanape, kan oswa k ap viv nan machin.

The range of services provided includes:

Community Outreach

The Outreach team will be available to connect with young people at various locations, including but not limited to schools, community centers, neighborhoods, partner agency sites and local community events

Immediate Needs Assistance

We can help meet immediate needs including food assistance, clothing, hygiene products, transportation, and more

Referral Services

We provide referrals for essential resources such as housing, healthcare, education, employment, parenting support, and more

Crisis Intervention

Our team is trained to respond to crises and emergencies, providing immediate assistance and connecting individuals with appropriate resources, including mental health and emergency shelter information

Looking to get help? Text “Help” to (833) 474-0758 or call our main office at 508-255-9667.

Meet the Outreach Workers



What part of the Cape did you grow up in?


What is your favorite childhood memory of growing up on Cape?

I was raised by a single father who is my best friend. When I was a kid my dad would take me to the Deli in Sandwich for lunch, we’d go to the canal to eat our sandwiches and watch the fisherman and boats pass by. To this day, I still get the same order from the Deli: turkey sandwich on a bulky roll, a bottle of fresca, and a bag of salt and vinegar Cape Cod potato chips.  


What are some activities you enjoy going to in your community?

Some of my favorite activities include exploring the White Cedar Swamp trail in Wellfleet, catching a Friday Night Evening Lecture in the Marine Biological Laboratory’s Lilly Auditorium, and in the wintertime stopping by to see the Gibb’s Family Christmas light display in Sandwich.  


Short bio:

Originally from Sandwich, MA., I have always known the Cape to be home. I am adamant in the belief that young adults on the Cape and Islands deserve to be able to live comfortably and securely without having to relocate. I support all young adults in our community- together we bring much needed value, innovation, and diversity to the Cape and Islands. 



What part of the Cape did you grow up in?


What is your favorite childhood memory of growing up on Cape?

I always have loved walking throughout the trails in the woods on the Lower and Outer Cape. My favorite trails to walk were at Fort Hill and the White Cedar Swamp.


What are some activities you enjoy going to in your community?
I love to explore urban areas and spend a lot of time outside in nature on the Cape. When I get the opportunity, I love to visit new restaurants or shops in the community. You can always catch me at Budda Bobs, looking for more crystals to add to my collection!


Short bio:

I was born in Germany but moved to Chatham when I was 3 years old. I spent the next 15 years there with my father and grandma growing roots in the community. During COVID, I graduated with my GED a year early and moved around to places like Florida, Springfield, and Boston. I’ve had many different hats in my life, like being a preschool teaching assistant, pharmacy technician, Dunkin Barista, and full-time Nanny in Florida. I enjoy things like Hello Kitty, anything colorful, and creating any art! 

Interested in having outreach hours at your agency, community event, or location?

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