REACH Project's positive impact reaches far and wide

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Resilience, empowerment, achievement, community and hope, this is what the HPC REACH program was designed to instill in its participants. The goal of this pilot program was to help clients develop long-lasting self-sufficiency and build a path to success.

Last March HPC began working with 10 clients, each with their own set of goals and challenges. Nine of these 10 completed the program.

Each participant was compensated with either weekly, bi-weekly, or a lump sum of a total of $2,000 that would go toward their self-improvement goals. They worked with a personal coach, with Calmer Choice, and with a HPC Case Manager to help them implement their new skills. The goal of the program was to break old habits and cycles and learn new ones. All who participated found themselves changed in very positive ways - from feeling more empowered as parents, to finding success in school and work.

It truly does take a village for all of us to become who we strive to be, and our hope is that this is just the beginning for REACH. We are hopeful that this program may be an important stepping stone and support system for those who participate. To have an opportunity for all to achieve and thrive is good for not just them, but for the entire community.