Yvonne was a self sufficient young professional and volunteer until she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.


“I had worked since I was fourteen and had always been able to support myself. I even had good savings, including an emergency fund. I was luckier than most. But I didn’t plan for a chronic illness that would diminish my working abilities as MS has done.” 

Working with HPC, Yvonne was able to avoid homelessness until an accessible apartment became available. She has used her great sense of humor to give back to others like her--- developing a blog and writing a book to support people living with MS. “It’s overwhelming when you find yourself in need of assistance. But don’t be afraid to ask for help. I did, and blessings followed.” 


Albert has been working with HPC for 15 years. He was a lifelong fisherman in Provincetown until he became disabled. 

Albert has been chronically homeless and struggled with alcoholism. HPC collaborated with Duffy Health Center, Provincetown Council on Aging and the Provincetown Police Department to address his situation— a great example of local partnerships. 

Last fall, Albert made one more attempt at recovery. He is now housed through Homeless Not Hopeless. He has a sober support system and more than 3 months of sobriety.  “You just have to keep struggling till you make it, and I’m thankful that HPC never gave up on me.” Congratulations Albert - we are very proud of you! 

pattys grandson.png
Client & Volunteer

Pictured: Patty's grandson, at college!

August 22, 2002 is one day Patty will never forget. This is her letter to HPC.

My husband was in heart failure at the emergency room and my daughter was in premature labor. Luckily mom and baby were fine, but my husband’s condition was very serious. By the grace of God, he came home after a month in the hospital, but could no longer work. He filed for social security disability. We were very worried about getting by in the months ahead. Just when I thought life couldn’t get any harder, my daughter asked me to take custody of her 2 children. She had a heroin addiction and needed treatment. I was now responsible for a sick husband, and my two baby grandchildren.


Then I remembered the Homeless Prevention Council, and asked for help. And they did! They spent time with me and guided me to the right resources. When my daughter had a recent relapse just last year, they helped her get in to the right hospital to treat her addiction. While she was away, they helped my grandson apply for scholarships and made sure he had everything he needed to get to college. I’m so very proud to say my grandson is the first in our family to go to college. That’s a very big deal in our family!


The people who work for the Homeless Prevention Council are my guardian angels. If it wasn’t for their kindness and understanding, I don’t know where I would be today. I know my life has come full circle because of the caring people at HPC and I’m so grateful. Now I give back by volunteering! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting the work of my “guardian angels.” 

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Dona Connor has been with the Homeless Prevention Council for 20 years, making her our longest-serving volunteer!

Dona lives in Chatham, in the home that her mother grew up in when her grandfather worked as a fisherman on the Lower Cape.


Dona is motivated to volunteer at HPC because she recognizes that, in different circumstances, she herself could be homeless. In her words, volunteering here provides “a very real connection with life.”


In addition to volunteering at HPC, Dona knits blankets for people in need, which are distributed by the yarn and book store A Great Yarn, in Chatham. She encourages everyone who enjoys both knitting and helping others to participate in A Great Yarn’s wonderful program. 


Thank you, Dona, for all that you do! You are a wonderful presence at HPC, and we appreciate your long and full commitment to helping our neighbors in need.