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Youth & Young Adult Support

Working in partnership with Barnstable County, HPC provides case management for youth and young adults under 25 who are unaccompanied and struggling to find or maintain housing. If you are a young adult in need of support please call or text Mary our Youth and Young Adult Case Manager at 774-801-9502.


The program focuses on young adults who are at-risk of homelessness—including youth who are couch surfing, camping or living in cars. Unaccompanied means a youth who is not in the physical custody of a parent or guardian.

A Single Mom's Story

A young woman came to HPC seeking affordable housing. “I was pregnant and had no idea about where we would be able to live,” she said. “HPC was the only resource that helped.” We connected her with our Youth and Young Adult program, which provided case management support, helped her locate a year-round rental, and identified a rental assistance program that made her rent affordable. HPC continues to provide this young woman with ongoing support and guidance as she works toward financial stability. 

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