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Bridget's Story

Bridget struggled with housing stability during the pandemic. She also started to reevaluate her life choices—and she concluded that it was time to do something new. “I just took the leap,” she said. “I started making cupcakes at home. I was always the cake maker in the family.” Bridget’s entrepreneurial idea dovetailed perfectly with HPC’s goal-setting REACH Project, which helped her plan her business and provided a stipend that she used to rent a commissary kitchen she now shares with other local cooks. “REACH gave me a great head start,” Bridget said. “It’s a brilliant program. I still have the support system today, and I have made some lifelong friends.”


Sunflower Sweets, the products from Bridget’s new business, can be found at the Wellfleet Marketplace. Bridget is working hard to find other local businesses to partner with to sell her confectionary delights. And she accepts custom orders for individual customers—a part of the work that she especially enjoys. “It really allows me to have some fun and take some creative freedom,” she said.


Sunflower Sweets’ next steps include a website and expanded distribution. “I would love to have a storefront of my own one day, or even do some traveling pop-ups here and there,” Bridget said. We hope you’ll consider Sunflower Sweets when selecting baked goods for your next event. 

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