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Our Case Management Team

Our team of trained and experienced Case Managers works directly with you to establish a plan that is personalized to meet your individual needs. As a certified SNAP Outreach Partner, HPC can quickly address food insecurity and provide other critical benefits like fuel assistance. We also provide access to housing programs, financial resources, and budgeting. And we can connect you to community resources and HPC’s special programs.


Our Case Managers work on-site and are available to meet one-on-one with you or at one of our outreach locations. As we link you to resources that address your specific needs, we help you advocate for yourself.  

Leah's Story

Leah, a single mom with two young children in Orleans, came to HPC seeking assistance with heating costs. “That was the first step,” she said, “and it changed my life.”


Leah’s job as a preschool teacher leaves her living paycheck to paycheck. There is no room for emergencies. “It’s traumatizing to live in uncertainty and fear,” she said, “but that’s what housing instability does. People stay in bad situations, let their dreams go, and settle for survival.”


When her Case Manager learned that Leah’s family was living in a studio apartment, they worked together to complete housing applications, apply for funding opportunities, and enroll in HPC’s special programs to help with school supplies and holiday gifts.


Today, thanks to HPC’s help, Leah is preparing to sign a lease on a three-bedroom home that will provide stable year-round housing for her family. 

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