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Host Homes Program

To address the Cape's housing crisis, HPC, in partnership with Barnstable County and HUD, has launched the Host Homes Program. This program pairs homeless, transitional-aged youth (18-24) with community members who have underutilized space in their homes. Guests will have access to short-term shelter while building meaningful connections with their caring adult host. During the stay, the guests will be able to safely engage in their long-term housing search while saving income earned to be used toward their future housing needs. HPC’s Host Home coordinator will match each guest with a host, based on living style compatibility, for a stay of 6-12 months with the option to extend the stay, if needed. The youth guests can focus on future housing, academic, and employment goals with the help of their HPC Case Manager guiding them every step on their pathway toward success.

Requirements and Supports for Hosts

HPC asks that Hosts:

  • Provide an extra bedroom or private space in their home with access to a shared or private bathroom and kitchen to prepare meals and store food for the Guest 

  • Live on the Lower/Outer Cape   

  • Commit to hosting a youth Guest for at least 8 months   

  • Show proof of renters/homeowners insurance  

  • Complete application, interview and home inspection, including background checks (CORI)  

  • Attend Host Home orientation/ training, and monthly check-ins with the Host Home Coordinator.

HPC Support for Hosts Include:

  • A stipend of up to $1000/month

  • As-needed check-ins with HPC’s Host Home Program Coordinator to foster a positive relationship between the Host and Guest.

  • Optional monthly Host Support Meetings to connect with other Hosts and share experiences or discuss questions, concerns, or comments.

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Requirements for Guests

HPC asks that Guests:

  • Are 18-24 years old  

  • Actively engage in pursuing personal goals for housing, education and employment 

  • Participate in Host Home Program application/matching host process,  orientation/training, monthly check-ins and/or weekly HPC case management meetings

  • Agrees to program requirements of no overnight guests, no substance use in the Host Home, and fulfills Host-Guest contract guidelines

  • Are respectful, thoughtful and communicate openly and often with Host and HPC staff

For any other questions or comments, please contact our Host Home Coordinator, Mary O’Reilly, at 774-801-9502 or

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