REACH Project

Resiliency. empowerment. achievement. community. hope.

Our REACH Project is designed to foster resiliency, empowerment, achievement, community, and hope in and among the clients and community we serve. The core goal of the project is to help participants break the cycle of poverty, achieve long-lasting self-sufficiency, and develop a pathway to success.

The four-month program consists of two steps which, when combined, will improve resiliency and set the client up for long-term success.


Cultivate personal growth and self-care strategies during the client's journey

During Step 1, participants work with the transitional coach to further establish their goals and identify challenges, opportunities, and a personal vision to foster the qualities that the REACH Project seeks to develop. The participants will incorporate mindfulness into their regular routine, with the help of Calmer Choice.


Apply cultivated life skills to begin work toward improving the client's situation

During Step 2, participants work toward improving their material situation in addition to their inner strength and resiliency. The participants work with their case manager to devise a group of trainings or tasks to help them achieve their practical goals, using a specific goal action plan. They also participate in two group coaching sessions designed around the themes of self-development, expanding community, self-care, spirituality, health, and wellness.

At the conclusion of the REACH Project, graduates receive a financial award or stipend to be used toward helping the participant realize their REACH goal. Past graduates have used their award to enroll in training programs at Cape Cod Community College, make car payments, or adding to their retirement funds!

WHAT people SAY

"I just got off the phone with a REACH participant, and she cannot express how thankful she is for this program. With Calmer Choice, she has found a new love for mindfulness and really feels a connection to the practices and methods that were taught throughout the sessions. She also let me know of a new hobby she was able to start, with the help of Deede! She began painting and creating art, which she never has before and is embracing her creative side. PAAM displayed one of her pieces already! She is grateful to have found this outlet as she works through the new changes she's been experiencing in her life, which led her to REACH in the first place."

- Mackenzie, Case Manager

"I am over the top excited this program has changed mt life. I will send you a sprinkling review. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this team. Deede helped me find a new direction in life - out of my box, and Forest helped me find my mindfulness that was locked inside."

- Arlene, 2020 REACH Graduate