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Provincetown Community Support

Our Provincetown Community Liaison works with residents to address issues that affect health, housing, and self-sufficiency. Our expert liaison is adept at determining the most effective and beneficial resources, and skilled at devising solutions that accommodate the unique circumstances of each person who seeks help.


Our Community Support Liaison can help you: 

  • Connect with other programs, agencies, and nonprofits in order to equip you with the most effective and beneficial resources,

  • Apply for fuel assistance, housing programs, funding, and other benefits,

  • Develop and manage a budget,

  • Get in touch with mental health and substance use services,

  • Identify, set, and achieve goals so that you become more self-sufficient and thrive.

HPC Office - Provincetown United Methodist Church

20 Shank Painter Road Provincetown, MA

Walk in Hours

(508) 237-7042

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