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HPC Spring / Summer News: A Message from Hadley

Happy Spring, Friends of HPC! 


We are busier than ever at HPC. It’s been a whole year since we moved into 8 Main Street, and we’re now utilizing every bit of our new space as we add staff and launch our Youth Services programs. 


At a time of year when we should be focused on planning for fun, sun, and recreation—our locals continue to experience high rates of stress and financial angst as they struggle to remain housed. 


When I spoke with our full team about what they are seeing and hearing from clients, here’s what they said: 


“People are losing their housing because rentals are sold.” 

“I’m hearing from more seniors than ever before.” 

“All my clients talk about is our cost of living and how it continues to rise.” 

“There are NO private rentals available, and those that are available are unaffordable.” 

“We are seeing 18-year-old clients at a higher pace - who are being forced out of their family home.” 


While critical legislation like the Housing Bond Bill is negotiated at the state house, we need relief now for the people we serve. HPC fulfills this critical service with our personalized case management services—and we can only do that because of YOU. 

Thank you for continuing to support our mission with your time, advocacy, and donations.

Many ask what more they can do. Here’s a short list of ideas: 


  • Join a town committee where you can advocate for local housing solutions for our year-round workforce. 

  • Pay attention to and support initiatives like the Housing Bond Bill, currently under debate at the State House. 

  • Learn about how YOU can support our housing needs by building an Accessory Dwelling Unit, renting a room to a local person in need. 

  • Can you or anyone you know rent year-round instead of seasonally? There are many wonderful benefits to renting year-round and it’s one of the most immediate ways you can be part of solving our housing crisis. 

  • Encourage your town to add to their efforts and develop innovative programs like the Lease to Locals program in Provincetown.


Please keep our housing crisis and needs for our local workforce top of mind as you talk to your friends and summer visitors alike. The future of our community is dependent upon a healthy, housed, and vibrant workforce! 


Thanks again for your continued support of our mission and efforts at HPC. 


– Hadley 

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