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A Chat with Provincetown Community Support Liaison Ann Wood

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Ann Wood, who spent much of her life struggling to secure affordable and reliable housing in Provincetown, is the new Provincetown Community Support Liaison for Homeless Prevention Council (HPC). Aside from knowing the daily stress that the frustration of insecure housing causes, she worked briefly in human services roles, was a longtime award-winning journalist, and was later elected chair of the Provincetown Affordable Housing Commission.

As an editor and reporter, I was able to make people aware of important things going on – things they had the power to change for the better. People really care about each other here.

What about the HPC mission excites you?

I’m excited to get people into homes and keep them. I’ve moved so many times. It’s upsetting and frustrating. I don’t want to see my neighbors on the streets. We need to keep the locals local. Provincetown is an innovative community. We have great childcare from infancy to after-school programs. Some of the most creative minds in the world live and work here, and together we need to find a solution to end this housing nightmare. The New York Times didn’t need to tell us we’re in crisis.

Why did you become involved with the organization?

I have a long history with HPC. I was at HPC part-time as an administrative assistant in 1995 and the caseworkers helped me get on every possible housing list. I’ll never forget those original caseworkers; I was able to raise my daughter here because of them. Now I am fortunate to be in this role and help others. It’s come full circle. I believe this organization is doing the best and most important work on Cape.

If HPC were to be on the cover of your favorite newspaper or magazine in five years, what would the story be about?

It would be titled: TOTALLY SHELTERED: The town that conquered homelessness.

What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time?

I like to sit by the Provincetown Pier and read and write. Until I moved into the apartment I have now, I wasn’t able to have all my books with me. I love my library. I recently started writing and performing jokes. Since no one reads anymore, I’m going to make them hear me through comedy.

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